Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Camping Trip

by Zack Mena

A couple weeks ago Jake planned a camping trip
and we could only bring what we could fit into our backpacks. 
We could not go inside for two days and this is how we left.

Our backpacks were full 

We pitched our tent in the backyard, but the tent had leaks when it rained so we had to move to the fort. 
  We made weaponry                
We looked cool with are weapons.
I made a tomahawk  

We made dinner

We had a fish that Jake had caught in the lake across the street and some soup
It was really good

We work together to get the job done
This is what it looks like in the fort 

If you can see the wooden gun that is what Jake made while we were gone 

 The camping trip was fun

But there's no place like home